Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Ulrike HERBIG


Born in Eisenstadt, Burgenland
1986 -1995 Study of Geodesy University of Technology ViennaSpecial field: Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
11/2001 Final exam for the Doctor of Technology
Since 1998 Member of ICOMOS
since 2012 Commisioned for ICOMOS Monitoring of Neusielder See/Seewinkel

2009-to date

Project Assistant at the Institute of History of Art, Building Archaeology and Restoration, Vienna University of Technology, for the EU funded project Transnational Ecological Networks.

2007- 2008

Assistant Professor at the Institute of History of Art, Building Archaeology and Restoration, Vienna University of Technology

2002-to date

secretary general of the Institute for Comparative Research in Architecture

Tätigkeiten im IVA:

- Interdisciplinary recording and documentation of architecture
- Multimedia and GIS
- Public participation for the recording of cultural heritage
- Interrelation between natural and built environment
- Traditional architecture in European and non-European regions
- Simple methods for photogrammetric recording of architecture
- Innovative recording methods



TRABASA – Traditional Architecture – Building Survey in Saudi Arabia, funded by the King Abdul Aziz University Jeddah, Project Coordination


ASSIP Architecture, Space and Society in Post disaster Built Environments in Indonesia, funded by the FWF, Austrian Science Fund (P22898), Project Coordination - Architecture

2005-to date

Traditional Architecture on Nias. Cooperation with P. Gruber, funded by the Vienna University of Technology, Project Coordination


TransEcoNet Transnational Ecological Networks, funded by European Union-Regional Development Fund-Project Leader

2003-to date

Comprehensive Documentation of the Architectural Cultural Heritage of Indonesia.


Recording of the Maiden Tower Baku, Azerbaijan, funded by a Azerbaijan private company , Project Coordination


Recording of the viaducts of the Semmering Railway, funded by the ÖBB-Austrian Railway, Project Coordination


Photogrammetric usable recording of Armenian churches in Armenia and Georgia, private funden


Cultural Heritages of Western Samoa and Fiji Islands. Cooperation with E. Lehner (Institute for History of Architecture and Historic Building Survey, Vienna University of Technology) and H. Mückler (Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna) funded by IVA-ICRA Institute for Comparative Research in Architecture


Inventory of architectural buildings in Vienna. Cooperation with the Institute for Preservation and History of Arts, Vienna University of Technology.


Franciszeischer Kataster. Topochronological analysis of historic maps for the GIS of Vienna; in cooperation with the Scientific Society for Archaeology Vienna.


Edited Volumes


Das architektonische Erbe Samoas. In cooperation with E. Lehner and H. Mückler (eds), Vienna: Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag.


Traditional Architecture and Art on Nias, Indonesia. In cooperation with P. Gruber (eds), Vienna: IVA.

Book Chapters and Journal Articles


(together with G. Weichart and J. Breuling) Gender roles and women's influence on traditional architecture and its development in Indonesia: a case study from Nias, presented at the second National Built Heritage Forum, Eastern Province, KSA December 10-12 2012, in print


(together with G. Weichart and F. Zamloyi) Vernacular architecture in post-disaster contexts of reconstruction in Indonesia, Proceedings of the HERITAGE 2012 – 3rd International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development, in print


(together with G. Weichart) Searching for Tradition in Post-Disaster Architecture: A comparison between Nias and Yogyakarta,Proceedings oft the ICIAP 1st Biennale, International Conference on lndonesian Architecture and Planning, Vogyakarta, 9-11 July 2012, 19 - 22 June 2012, UGM


Interactions of landscape and architecture – field reports from Central European border regions, final publication of the EU funded project TransEcoNet, Dresden, in print


(together with F. Zamolyi) Reed as building material – renaissance of vernacular techniques. Proceedings of International Symposium on Advanced  Methods of Monitoring Reed Habitats in Europe, Illmitz November 25, 2010.


(together with I. Mayer, P. Ferschin, I. Kulitz) Das Adlitzgrabenviadukt der Semmeringbahn virtuell dokumentiert, proceedings of: Von Handaufmaß bis High Tech. Aufnahmeverfahren in der historischen Bauforschung. Interdisziplinäres Colloquium  25.-27. 02. 2010, Cottbus, p. 7


Documentation and Other Media. In: P. Gruber and U. Herbig (eds), Traditional Architecture and Art on Nias, Indonesia. Vienna: ICRA,  pp 126-129.


Photogrammetriegerechte Architekturdokumentation. In: F. Zamolyi and T. Szilágyi (eds), Gesellschaft und gebaute Umwelt: Ausgewählte Beiträge aus der Sozialwissenschaft, Ethnographie und Architektur. Vienna: ICRA, pp. 75-95.


Alte Technik - Neue Methoden – Amateurphotogrammetrie. In: E. Lehner al. (eds), Bautraditionen in Samoa. Vienna: Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, NWV, Vienna, pp 376-411.


(together with P. Gruber) Settlements and Housing on Nias Island: Adaptation and Development. In: TRANS URBAN (eds), City Culture in Motion, vol. 2, Vienna: ICRA, pp 70 - 87.


(together with P. Gruber) Documentation of Traditional Architecture on Nias Island - Before and after the Disasters. In: Kulturelles Erbe und Neue Technologien: Archäologie und Computer. Proceedings of the 11. Internationale Tagung Kulturelles Erbe und Neue Technologien, Stadtarchäologie Wien; Workshop 11 Wien 2006, CD-Rom, ISBN 978-3-901232-87-9.


(together with P. Gruber) Research on Environmental Adaptation of Traditional Building Constructions and Techniques in Nias. The ISPRS - International Archives of the Photogrammetric, and Spatial Information Sciences, XXXVI-5/C34: 1062-1067.


(together with F. Zamolyi)Navalis - Providing the Base for a Village Development Tool in Navala, FIJI. Proceedings of XXIst International ISPRS Conference, July 12 - 21, Istanbul 2004, pp 18-22.



Jeddah, the door to Mekka – in the Project TRABASA, presented at the the 17th International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies, Vienna, Austria 5th-7th November 2012, proceedings pending


Architecture and Culture of Northern Sumatra and Nias., Documentary film (45 minutes), transmitted on 5th April 2005, 9 pm on Bayern Alpha Austria (ORF-cooperation), ISBN. 3-900265-04-6.


Südseearchitektur – Bautraditionen auf Samoa und Fidschi. Together with A. Rieger; documentary film (45 minutes), transmitted on 18 th Aug. 2003, 9 pm on Bayern Alpha Austria (ORF-cooperation) and on 26th June 2003 in the Schikaneder Cinema, Vienna.

Forschungsgebiet: Geodesy, Photogrammetry and Domogenesis



Organisation the Symposium together the organisation committee Insular Diversity: Architecture – Culture – Identity in Indonesia, May 18–21, 2011, Vienna University of Technology


Co-organisation of the symposium Along the Great wall – Architecture and Identity in China and Mongolia; Vienna University of Technology (May 17-19 2009)


Organisation of the symposium Traditional Architecture and Art on Nias, in cooperation with the Institute for Comparative Research in Architecture, the Institute for History and Research of Building (Vienna University of Technology) and the Museum of Ethnology Vienna (30-31 October 2006)

2003-to date

Chief editor of the publication series of the ICRA (Institute for Comparative Research in Architecture), Vienna.

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