Der Fachbereich Baugeschichte::Bauforschung der Technischen Universität Wien und das IVA – Institut für Vergleichende Architekturforschung laden zu folgendem Vortrag ein:


Donnerstag 18 .Juni 2015, 19:00 Uhr


TU Wien


Hörsaal 7 – Schütte-Lihotzky Hörsaal, Stiege VII, Erdgeschoß


1040 Wien, Karlsplatz 13


Dipl.–Ing. Dragana Petrovic

Vernacular architecture of Serbia

The aim of this presentation is to give an overview of building types and building constructions that are characteristic for vernacular architecture of Serbia. Different building types and building constructions were developed depending on geographical, climate and demographic conditions as well as on building materials that were available in certain area. Through the presentation the main types and most common variations of wooden, stone and earthen buildings along with the construction and aesthetical details will be introduced to the audience. Several initiatives for the restoration of these buildings and strives for listing them as heritage protected objects will conclude the presentation.