RecorDIM ist eine für 5 Jahre (2004-2007) vereinbarte Kooperation internationaler Organisationen aus dem Bereich der Denkmalpflege, deren Ziel es ist, die Zusammenarbeit von Datennutzern (Bauforscher, Denkmalpfleger unterschiedlicher Fachrichtungen, Projektmanager, Planern, etc.) und Datenerfassern (Fotografen, Photogrammetern und Geodäten) zu verbessern.


Between 1995 and 1999, a series of outreach workshops held by the International Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage (CIPA) has identified critical gaps in the fields of heritage Recording, Documentation and Information Management between those who provide information for conservation and those who use it.

In response, the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) and CIPA together created the RecorDIM (for Heritage Recording, Documentation and Information Management) Initiative partnership. The purpose of the initiative is to bring information users and providers together to identify the nature of the gaps between them, to develop strategies to close the gaps and to recommend a framework for action to be coordinated by the RecorDIM Initiative over the coming five years.


ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites)

ICOMOS is an international non-governmental organization of professionals, dedicated to the conservation of the world’s historic monuments and sites. ICOMOS provides a forum for professional dialogue and a vehicle for the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of information on conservation principles, techniques, and policies.

CIPA – Heritage Documentation of Cultural Heritage; The International Committee for Documentation of Cultural Heritage is one of the international committees of ICOMOS and it was established in collaboration with ISPRS (International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing).

Its main purpose is the improvement of all methods for surveying of cultural monuments and sites, specially by synergy effects gained by the combination of methods under special consideration of photogrammetry with all its aspects, as an important contribution to recording and perceptual monitoring of cultural heritage, to preservation and restoration of any valuable architectural or other cultural monument, object or site, as a support to architectural, archaeological and other art-historical research.

ISPRS and ICOMOS created CIPA because they both believe that a monument can be restored and protected only when it has been fully measured and documented and when its development has been documented again and again, i.e. monitored, also with respect to its environment, and stored in proper heritage information and management systems.

GCI (The Getty Conservation Institute)

The Getty Conservation Institute is a program of the J. Paul Getty Trust located in Los Angeles, California, USA. The Institute works internationally to advance the field of conservation through scientific research, field projects, education and training, and the dissemination of information in various media.

The mission of the Institute is to enhance and encourage the preservation and understanding of the visual arts in all of their dimensions (objects, collections, architecture, and sites) by addressing unanswered questions, demonstrating best conservation practice, and contributing to the development of sustainable conservation solutions.