Traditional Architecture on Qeshm Island/Persian Golf, Iran

With a Field Study in the Villages of Chahu Gharbi and Chahu Sharghi

von: Andrea Rieger-Jandl, Irene Doubrawa


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The architectural heritage of Qeshm island, with its wind catchers, courtyard houses and refined structures for channelling and storing water, is a real treasure. Over the centuries the inhabitants of Qeshm have developed distinguished architectural solutions to meet the harsh climatic conditions on the island. Due to globalizing impacts and a changing lifestyle the knowledge regarding traditional construction methods and materials is on the decline. The research work conducted by an international team of professionals and students from Austria and Iran presented in this volume should raise awareness for the necessity of preserving the great architectural heritage of the island and underline its potential for providing a sustainable living environment for future generations.

Titel: Traditional Architecture on Qeshm Island/Persian Golf, Iran
Autoren/Herausgeber: Andrea Rieger-Jandl, Irene Doubrawa

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